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Tom Garling's Album

Maynard's current recording contract with Concord Records allows him the unique opportunity to produce the debut albums of fresh new talent. So far, the "Maynard Ferguson Presents" series has produced two amazings discs. The first being former MF pianist Christian Jacob, and the most recent being current MF trombone player Tom Garling.

Tom's new disc is unbelievable! Anyone who's seen Maynard live in recent years is familiar with Tom's amazing trombone technique. In my opinion, Tom has created some of the best solos on the last couple Maynard albums. The album contains 9 tunes (3 standards and 6 originals). The sextet is made up of the following: Tom Garling, trombone; Trey Henry, acoustic and electric bass; Tony Pia, drums; Jerry Pinter, tenor and soprano sax; Ron Stout, trumpet; Christian Jacob, piano and synthesizer.

Take a look for this CD in your local music store. If you can't find it under 'G' for Garling, check under 'F' for Ferguson. Also, it is available online at a very reasonable price at CDNow.

The Track List:

  1. Shrimp Tales
  2. Trinology
  3. Bill Evans
  4. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (George Bassman - Ned Washington)
  5. Forging Behind
  6. Rainer's Dream
  7. How My Heart Sings (Earl Zindars)
  8. Ilene's Dance
  9. Here's that Rainy Day (Jimmy Van Heusen - Johnny Burke)

All compositions by Tom Garling except as indicated.

Sound Clips

Shrimp Tales - Shrimp.wav 269 kb

"This piece began its life under a different name -- as a ballad! 'I changed it four years after I first wrote it by giving it a groove and adding a more moving melody,' explains Garling. The result was a metamorphosis into a completely different tune."

I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - Sent.wav 279 kb

"Another tribute, this time to Tommy Dorsey, even though he'd 'probably roll over in his grave if he heard this version,' laughs Garling. 'I've always enjoyed playing it as an up-tempo swing tune.' And purists need not worry - there's a taste of ballad playing later."

Here's That Rainy Day - Rainy.wav 397 kb (with guest Alex Iles on bass trombone)

"'I've always thought that this song is a perfect ballad for the trombone, so why not seven trombones? Layering myself in the studio proved to be a tricky endeavor, but with the help of Master Dominic Camardella and Alex Iles's wonderful bass trombone work, I was very happy with the outcome.'"

Above comments are original liner notes. Above picture (from left to right): Christian Jacob * Jerry Pinter * Tom Garling * Maynard Ferguson * Ron Stout * Trey Henry * Tony Pia