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Sound Clips - Fans

This page of sounds is dedicated to the Maynard Ferguson fan. Perhaps you really enjoy Maynard's music and own several CDs, but there are several albums that you don't have (probably because most of them are out of print!). Here are some lesser-known tunes from The Boss.  You can download the clips in wav or Real Audio format.

Download a free Real Audio player.

Rocky2 [wav file (306 k - 28 seconds)] [Real Audio]
Many Maynard fans don't know this, but Maynard actually recorded a tune for Rocky II. It was called "Rocky II Disco," and it's not considered one of MF's finest numbers. However, I still think that it displays Maynard's range and control very well. Just listen to the screaming in this clip!

The Spirit of St. Frederick [wav file (341 k - 32 seconds)] [Real Audio]
This is from the tune "The Spirit of St. Frederick." I receive numerous requests to include this "It's My Time" cut on my sounds page. This album, although panned by critics, had some shining moments. This clip features Maynard performing a particularly sassy solo!

Watcha Thinkin' [wav file (377 k - 35 seconds)] [Real Audio]
This clip is from a tune called "Watcha Thinkin'" that Maynard recorded with his High Voltage band in the late 80's. It appeared on the out-of-print album "High Voltage II" (Saxist Matt Wallace's first MF recording), and it shows off a more melodic and lyrical side of Maynard.

Blue Birdland [wav file (358 k - 33 seconds)] [Real Audio]
Anyone who's been to a Maynard Ferguson concert knows "Blue Birdland." It's Maynard's theme song, and has been for years. This recording came from the currently unavailable album "Big Bop Nouveau." I've included a clip of the dramatic conclusion.