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Sound Clips - Fan-Addicts

This page of sounds is designed for the Fan-Addict like myself. The Fan-Addict purchases every Maynard album that he or she can find without question. Albums with Maynard as a sideman or guest star are also fair game for the Fan-Addict. The sound clips I've included are rare (or not very widely known, as in the Chicago clip).  You can download the clips in wav or Real Audio format.

Download a free Real Audio player.

Watermelon Man [wav file (332 k - 31 seconds)] [Real Audio]
This is a clip of Maynard playing the classic Herbie Hancock tune, "Watermelon Man." It is from a rare video of Maynard playing live in Germany in 1969. It was broadcast on German television, and the sound quality is not great. However, it is a great vintage Maynard clip!

Don't Let The Sun... [wav file (359 k - 33 seconds)] [Real Audio]
This is a clip from the much sought-after MF arrangement of "Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me." I get several emails asking me what album this tune appeared on. Well, actually it was never recorded, although they did plan to. This clip is from a 1970's jazz television show called "The Mark of Jazz," hosted by Sid Mark. Hearing this will make you sad that Maynard never actually recorded it. I wonder what Elton John thought of this arrangement?

Street Player [wav file (361 k - 34 seconds)] [Real Audio]
Many Maynard fans are unaware of this, but Maynard was a guest on Chicago's 1979 album, "Chicago 13." He appeared on the tune "Street Player." Here's the story as I heard it: Maynard and his band were in the studio recording the album "Hot," and Chicago was across the hall recording at the same time. The Chicago brass, being Maynard fans, asked Maynard to sit in on a tune, and to be fair, Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine sat in on "Rocky II Disco."

Pagliacci [wav file (341 k)] [Real Audio]
This is a live clip of MF's cadenza during Pagliacci. It was taken from a recording of a 1979 concert. I don't even WANT to know what note that is.

This clip was kindly submitted by Russell Partrick.

Hot Canary [wav file (648 k - 30 second)] [Real Audio]
This sound clip was sent to me via email by Greg, and I just had to keep it. It is a clip of a Maynard tune called Hot Canary. It was taken from an LP called "Trumpets on High" that I've never seen! Let me know what you think!